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Locating Internet Writing Jobs – Make Money Writing Kindle Books

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So you want to make money writing?  There are a multitude of ways to create an income using your writing skills online.

Creating kindle books, for example,  is actually easier than most people think and the great part is that you can upload them for free. This is one stream of income that is fairly easy to create and will provide paychecks month after month, if you set things up properly.

Did you know though that there are others income streams that you can create as a writer, using the exact same idea for a book. You can actually turn each book idea into three different paychecks with little or no upfront cost. You can then use the same idea to create other products that will pay you even more.

The days of being a starving artist are over, if you just use a bit of creativity and elbow grease. In fact, there is a way to turn that same book idea into up to ten streams of recurring income.

So how do you choose what to write about?

You can do this with almost any idea but non fiction book ideas have the greatest potential to generate different revenue streams. People want to learn how to do things and they want to solve problems. If you create books and products that solve their problems, they will be more than willing to buy from you again and again.

There are various ways of choosing niches to get into.

1) Write down your interests. Choose the ones that you know others are interested in.

2) Explore to see what the most popular books are in your niche.

3) What do you know the most about? Is there an area in that niche that is not covered or is not covered adequately?

4) Go to forums and see what people are asking about? Do certain questions come up a lot?

5) Give them the answers that they crave and make sure to include those main concerns in your table of contents.

6) Write your chapters based on that table.

Make sure that there is interest in your subject. If there are not alot of people asking questions about your subject in the forums or there are not that many books on amazon about it, it may not be a profitable niche to go into.

Writing books is one simple way to get paid to write. Once you have created your first book and profited from it, you will be eager and ready to write your second one, third one and so on…